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Find Out How Paid Traffic Auditing Can Transform Your Business

We offer solutions for anyone looking to take the next step in Paid Traffic Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Want to improve and optimize your internet ads results? Schedule a 15-minute chat with us to understand how we can take your business to the next level.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Audit Work?

If you have an E-commerce business relying on paid ads, our PPC Audit is the perfect tool. Our Pay Per Click Audit improves your paid ads performance by generating a complete overview of your paid advertising strategy, tools, and accounts. The PPC Audit seeks to analyze the configuration of your channels and the performance of essential factors. It offers:
  • Paid Ads Account Evaluation
  • Target Audience and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Analysis
  • Competition/Target Market Analysis
  • Keywords Review
  • Conversions and Ad Landing Page Configuration
  • Bid Strategy Analysis
  • Ad Structure Review (Copywriting and Creative)

What's the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Audit Focus?

With a focus on improving processes and results, we offer an in-depth analysis of your paid ads platforms and specific reports for each of the services below.


Google Ads

(Search • Display • Shopping • Youtube)

We provide analysis of Account Quality, General Settings, Keywords, Extensions, Goals, Performance Max, and Possible Advertiser Blocks.

Paid Social

(Meta Ads: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp • LinkedIn Ads • Tik Tok Ads • Pinterest Ads • Snapchat Ads)

We provide complete Platform Settings and Integrations Analysis, Possible Ad Blocking, and Account Quality.

Remarketing Ads

We review the required settings for Remarketing Ads and their impact on your PPC strategy.

PPC Strategy

If you have a pre-existing media strategy, we offer a complete analysis highlighting its strong points and weaknesses. We advise the best platforms to use and help strategize ads tailored to your business.


Our PPC experts produce comprehensive reports using the most reliable analytics tools on the market, focusing on high-performance results for your campaigns.

Start Your PPC Audit And Get Results Right Now!

Through the PPC Audit, we identify turning points and shortcuts for you to improve results and achieve your goals in a few days.

Meet Your PPC Audit Experts

Get to know our versatile and interdisciplinary team, ready to take your paid ads to the next level.


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Our Methodology

We transform your marketing to accelerate your sales. We use multidisciplinary knowledge to boost your brand and improve your e-commerce/online business sales. We aim to make the processes more efficient and to enhance data management and control based on the following pillars:
Cases instrutherm

Case Instrutherm

  • In less than a year, we doubled Instrutherm’s paid traffic results.
  • We broke the record for revenue in a single month.
  • ROAS of 20x.
  • Advertising costs were lower than the previous period – targeting assertiveness.
  • Savings of almost 20% in the marketing budget.

Brands We've Increased Revenue For


Agência Dragão SharpSpring


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